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GorMusik's Snakes & Angels Album…

My Snakes & Angels Album is head on into production now with Peter Jones singing vocals, Joe Frick on bass, and Jay McGurrin playing drums on a track called 'The Lost'. Mixing and mastering are completed and we are waiting on our first batch of CD's to show for distribution upon release.

Stay Tuned In...

Click Here for some sneak peek tracks from Snakes & Angels and where you can listen & discover my music.  Please enjoy, share, and help support independent music with a purchase. All monies from digital download sales go to CD production of my upcoming albums. Thank you all so much for your continual support. It is greatly appreciated. Peace Love and Prog!!! 


Getting Back On Track 

Greetings All GorMusik Friends & Fans! 

I’m extremely pleased to announce that my Snakes & Angels album is now back on track. But the big news that put me over the moon is that the legendary Peter Jones of Tiger Moth Tales, Red Bazaar, Colin Tench Project, and the Camel band has taken the time out of his busy schedule to do the vocals on the album for me. 

WOW! What a pleasure it is to work with this good fellow. Hearing Pete’s voice on these tracks has breathed new life into this album. Its just amazing…

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GorMusik's Musical Adventures Continue... 

Dear friends and fans of GorMusik

Greetings... It has been a while since my last update and I’d like to catch everyone up. As you may know I’ve been crazy busy the last few years working with my dear friend Colin Tench on his two marvelous  albums ‘Hair in a G-String’ released 2016 and 'minor Masterpiece’ released 2017. Sadly and with my broken heart he has recently left this world on angels wings due to his untimely passing. But his legacy and his music lives on thanks to his family and friends, and… Read more

Remembering Colin Tench 

Colin Tench & That Darn Brazilian Part 1b Colin Tench… I met Colin Tench, believe it or not through Friday Night Progressive. I know… Big surprise right. It seems I’ve met so many brilliant artists and musicans through FNP. Thanks Ron, or should I say, King Dusd. But it was inadvertently through Truey, Mark Trueack of United Progressive Fraternity that I had met Colin. It was shortly after the release of my Fun in OuterSpace album, I remember Ron was playing a UPF track and a GorMusik track on his… Read more

See My G-String In Action! 

Greetings to all!

I wanted to take this time to remember and to thank all of those who have served and are serving this great country of ours on this Memorial Day weekend! Hats off and God bless you all!

Everybody have a safe, blessed, and musical weekend. No matter what kind of music you love to listen to, turn it up and let the neighbors know of your fine taste in music. Remember ...  Music is the soundtrack of our lives. Enjoy it all! Cheers! I'd like to share with you a new video bit I put… Read more

Hey! Quess What I've Been Doing! 

Hey! Guess What I’ve Been Doing…

Greetings to all...

Hope this finds everyone well!
It has been a while since my last writing as I have been crazy busy spreading myself over all my recording projects but I thought I would put out an update to keep everybody in the loop! So here goes... Colin Tench Project- I have managed to complete an orchestral section for the new CTP album and Colin is pleased with the results so it's on to the next bits. Still searching for the Ting and the Boing! Currently I am… Read more