Joseph Frick - Bass Guitar

Friends, I started musically like a lot of other musicians in a garage band, well it was more like a dining room band. Actually, Jay McGurrin who is featured on the track 'The Lost’ thats on the Snakes & Angels album and I had a band in our very early teens. I was in a couple of other basement bands after that. I spent some time with Gordo and Jay McGurrin in a Rush tribute band called Vital Signs in the mid 80’s. I have also worked with Gordo on several other short ventures after that. I always joked with Gordo that he writes the best songs no one will ever hear. After that, life got in the way and the musical part of my life went away for a while. That leads us to now. I got a copy of the demo version of what is now 'Snakes & Angels' for my own listening pleasure and had a couple ideas for bass lines I wanted to share with Gord to use however he wanted, if at all. Well, I wound up writing the bass lines for the entire album. I think this album is just fantastic and am very proud to have a small part of it. My musical influences come from Rush, first and foremost, and have always been a fan of the Big 80’s style progressive rock bands Yes, Marillion, Max Webster, etc, you get the picture. I hope you like this album as much as I do. Cheers!