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I've released some music for my GorFusion album,  'Moon Wink'  and 'Waxed Apples' both tracks are co-written with and featuring Joe Serwinowski on bass guitar which is available at Bandcamp. This project will be released one track at a time as they are being completed in-between my full album projects and can be found on my website or band camp pages under the GorFusion banner. All of the GorFusion songs start out with a bass track Joe Serwinowski has written and is sent to me where I add the rest of the instruments. Joe is inspiring me to write what I do, so we’ll blame him…  Joe is a rock solid monster bass god! I am honored to be working with him on this GorFusion project and our GorAcoustik project that is in the works as well. So check it out!

We know you’ll like it. It’s some pretty cool stuff!

Stay tuned!

Find out all the latest on my GorFusion Project there as well!