Hey! Quess What I've Been Doing!

Hey! Guess What I’ve Been Doing…

Greetings to all...

Hope this finds everyone well!

It has been a while since my last writing as I have been crazy busy spreading myself over all my recording projects but I thought I would put out an update to keep everybody in the loop! So here goes...

I have managed to complete an orchestral section for the new CTP album and Colin is pleased with the results so it's on to the next bits. Still searching for the Ting and the Boing! Currently I am working orchestral sketches out for 2 new pieces Colin has sent me for the album. I'm excited to get my ideas down and presented to Colin for his arrangement or the cutting room floor. It happens! He is the master of it all!! This will be an awesome album when it all comes together, IMO, based on the tracking I've been privy to hear at this point, Sir Colin is working his red hot pants to tatters on this album. Great playing Maestro Colin!

I am getting close to another track being done for this side project featuring Joe Serwinowski on bass guitar. I must say, the tracks Joe has been sending me are stellar and will really define this fusion album for what it is as it all comes together. Joe's a top notch bass player. A real hidden gem! I'm glad we've decided to do this project. Currently I am working out drums and guitar tracks for this, and it is coming along nicely. And of course, master photographer Peter Skov is conjuring up ideas for the artwork for this new track as well. 

Peter also keeps a blog for his photographic exploits as well, one of which goes through the process of how he worked on my Waxed Apples track art. Learn How To Wax Your Apple!
-Peter is on Facebook as well. Stop by and let him know you checked out his photography and say hi! Tell him the Gord sent ya!!! 

Snakes & Angels-
I've just had a successful recording session not to long ago with Joseph Frick, aka "The Frickster", playing bass guitar, featured on this project. I am sorting out his tracking and at the same, Joe is working out more ideas for our next session. Looking forward to our next time together. Its always a blast! I am working on drum programming at this point as most of my guitar and synth guitar tracking is done. Moving forward one track at a time. I really think you will like it. Here is a teaser from the album.  

And Finally!
Progtropolis Maximus-
This project will be my biggest undertaking yet. I've been working on this album since mid 2015, shortly after the release of my Fun In OuterSpace album. My first break away from it came a few months later in late 2015 when Mark Truey Trueack of United Progressive Fraternity asked me to write a track for his new album Planetary Overload which is due out 2018-2019. WOW!! That was and still is a HUGE honor to do and to be able to work with Mark and Steve Unruh, with Steve Hackett and Nick Magnus playing on the track. Not to mention all the other incredible talent involved on this project! Mark, Steve and the fella’s have the track and have been working on the arrangement and lyrics for it. Wow Again!! Thanks Mark for making magic with my track!

Then back to working on Progtropolis through the winter!

Next break came in late winter. February 2016 was when I first heard and then stole Colin Tench's Brazilian off of the interwebs to put some orchestra on it. I instantly heard musical voices for that piece. I wasn't sure if Colipoos would like it or hate me under these circumstances. But!…   Needless to say, but I went ahead and said it anyway! I ended up working with Colin on his Hair in a G-String album for the next 8 months or so. What an absolute pleasure that was. If you haven’t heard Hair in a G-String here is your chance now! 
Also, check out the Fully Orchestrated Lisa’s Waltz bonus track only available as a digital download, it's not on the CD.

Then back to Progtropolis where I had left off late 2016 to the present day 2017. Although Colin has recently sucked me back into his next musical vortex again, no complaints here, I am truly honored to be working with him along side the stellar bass playing of Petri Lindstrom and Joe Vitale drummer extraordinaire! This means I really need to make sure I manage my time well. 

I am still on track so far! 

Speaking of Colin Tench, whose name is now officially a household word…   at least at my house! People that don’t even know Colin, know Colin now! Its amazing! Kudos Sir Colin of Corvus Stone Manor! I also have a track on Progtropolis that will feature his incredible guitar playing exclusively. Other then my spacey spaced out guitar parts. His guitars are the driving force on this track. Thanks for making this track extra shiny Colin! Here is a bit of it, but without Colin's brilliant playing on it yet! 

I have recently re-written a section of a 20 minute piece for my Progtropolis album and have added a section for vocals bringing it closer to 30 minutes now with several movements throughout the length of the track. Jay McGurrin's stellar vocals will be featured on this album. Jay and I are currently working out the lyrical content and story line for the Album. 

I have 3-4 pieces, that are complete other than final secret things that we professional amateurs do with music, and am also piecing together several other tracks, one of which will be another symphonic / cinematic masterpiece for this album! I'm hoping! Fingers & toes crossed!!!!
There is a lot of Progtropolis in this audio clip!

All The Rest-
Plus I am putting bits and pieces together for an acoustic album and an electronic new age album as well as some other top secret projects I am working in on or with! I am not saying any more as I have been sworn to secrecy. GrannyMumProg is the word!!

And in case you just fell off of the turnip wagon and have no idea who I am or have never heard of GorMusik, or turnips, it's possible, I have trouble knowing who I am most of the time! If this is the case you should follow me everywhere

Good luck and may the Prog be with you! 
Peace Love & Prog...   G

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