Getting Back On Track

Greetings All GorMusik Friends & Fans! 

I’m extremely pleased to announce that my Snakes & Angels album is now back on track. But the big news that put me over the moon is that the legendary Peter Jones of Tiger Moth Tales, Red Bazaar, Colin Tench Project, and the Camel band has taken the time out of his busy schedule to do the vocals on the album for me. 

WOW! What a pleasure it is to work with this good fellow. Hearing Pete’s voice on these tracks has breathed new life into this album. Its just amazing! Thank you Pete!  

I’m really excited about this final development and cannot wait to complete and release this long overdue album. There have been countless and unending hurtles getting this album to its release stage but I do believe I am finally getting there. Hence my radio silence for so long. I’d like to thank each and everyone of you for your incredible love patience and support while you have been waiting. My goal all along was to produce the very best album I can for you. Hopefully I’ve achieved that with this album and each successive album I produce. 

Also featured on the album are Joseph Frick playing bass guitar on all tracks and Jay McGurrin (Jimmie Van Zant Band, Colin Tench Project, The Drumbreath Experiment) playing drums on a track entitled ‘The Lost’. Both of these guys are lifelong coconspirators and are both rock solid in their playing. Thanks Guys! 

So here we are... Stay tuned in as I will be making more announcements as it all gets sorted out! 

One final thing I do want to mention and share with you is, during the past 6 months while a lot of people have been displaced of jobs and life, myself and Mrs GorMusik have continued to work through it all as essential workers as a lot of other people have. Of course its been a blessing and a curse but we have followed protocol and are continuing to do so thanking God for His safety and protection to this very day and praying for all of those less fortunate who have lost so much. God bless you all!! 

Also during this time I’ve written some new music that I would like to share with you as it is relevant to the worlds current state of affairs. This is what I felt, this is what I wrote during this time frame so to speak. It may possibly end up on another project down the road as I have more tracks on the back burner that may coalesce into an album when the time is right. But for now I want to release it as a one off single not connected to any album. 

So with that being said stay safe, healthy, proggy, and tuned in for a new GorMusik single and a new GorMusik album in 2020. 

Prog On! 

Peace & Love...   G

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