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Dear friends and fans of GorMusik

It has been a while since my last update and I’d like to catch everyone up. As you may know I’ve been crazy busy the last few years working with my dear friend Colin Tench on his two marvelous  albums ‘Hair in a G-String’ released 2016 and 'minor Masterpiece’ released 2017. Sadly and with my broken heart he has recently left this world on angels wings due to his untimely passing. But his legacy and his music lives on thanks to his family and friends, and through the many wonderful fans he has gained over the years through his brilliant music. All of Colin Tench’s music can be heard and purchased through his website, bandcamp, and many digital outlets as the family has made sure to carry on his musical legacy. We are forever grateful for this. Please check it out and be amazed at the scope of all of his musical works, it is far reaching. 

Onward and Upward…
I am making sure now that all I do is done right and in honor of my friend Colin for his motto has always been to pay attention to the details and produce nothing but the best.  I know he would want us to carry on and do the very best we can do in anything we do in our life. 
This I’ll do for you Colin... RIP my friend.

GorMusik…  GorFusion
First up as you may know I have just released a teaser of a track called ‘Moon Wink’ that will go on the GorFusion side project I am working on. This project will be released one song at a time as they are being completed in-between my full album projects and can be found on my website or band camp pages under the GorFusion banner. All of the GorFusion songs start out with a bass track Joe Serwinowski has written and is sent to me where I add the rest of the instruments. Joe is inspiring me to write what I do, so we’ll blame him… lol   We know you’ll like it. It’s some pretty cool stuff, please check out the tease here  'Moon Wink Teaser'   and let us know what you think.  The full track which is over 6 minutes long will be released very soon. 
You can listen to the first GorFusion track released last year, 'Waxed Apples' here at bandcamp as well. Enjoy!
All the Art for the GorFusion album is being produced by Peter Skov and his creative mind…  Thanks Pete! 
As each track is written he will produce a new piece of his art for it. So there is not just one album cover piece but many pieces of new art for each track we write..  Hopefully when we are done with this project, and we won’t know when based on how we are releasing it, but the main album cover art would consist of a collage of all the individual pieces created during the production of it…  

GorMusik…  Snakes & Angels
Next up is an Album I’ve been working on for a some time called ‘Snakes & Angels’ it is currently in production and I am very hopeful on releasing this album later this year. This album has guest bassist Joseph Frick, long time buddy o pal a mine, and will feature his awesome bass playing. The album contains 4 tracks as of now and is around 45 minutes long at this point, there may be one more track added yet, we will see. This album is a concept album depicting the struggles of good vs evil in our lives and that there may be hope out there if look for it. I have written the lyrics for this album and will have a surprise vocalist on the album. But I won’t let that cat out of the bag just yet! As I move farther along with this album I will reveal more about it and start teasing you with some of the music for it. But, for now you can hear part of a track called ‘The Wandering’  on my Reverb Nation page - Stay tuned...

GorMusik…   Progtropolis
Another huge recording I am working on is my ‘Progtropolis’ album. This as well is a concept album about the spirit of music / prog being lost and our hero who is in search of it across time, space, and different worlds to ultimately find it on Progtropolis! I have written / co-written the lyrics for this album with collaboration on them from Jay McGurrin who will be the featured vocalist on this epic journey. I am hoping for a 2019 release date. This album will also have a very special track on it featuring the guitar playing of my dear friend Colin Tench. The track was written early 2017 and Colins guitar tracks were recorded in late summer/fall of 2017 in-between our working on minor Masterpiece together. We had plans for him to do much more of his wonderful guitar work on my album, but we were waiting until after minor Masterpiece was released to do so as it was getting to crunch time for his album release. Sadly that dream will not be realized now. Progtropolis is also in production, as I am writing a symphonic suite through out and in-between the main pieces on the album as they are woven with orchestra as well. My hope is to eventually release the symphonic suite as an album itself at a later point. There is approximately 60 plus minutes of music written for this album to date and I am not sure how big it will be in the end as it is still being written, but I will keep you all posted.  You can hear some of the music and watch the trailer video here - Progtropolis Video Trailer  I also have some music from the album on my Reverb Nation page… 'Progtropolis Piano Fretless'   -This is the track you will eventually hear Colin’s awesome guitar playing on when it is complete... Enjoy!

GorMusik…  Acoustik
I am also working on the release of an acoustic new age album I’ve co-written with bassist Joe Serwinowski. We are working together with Peter Skov who is producing some videos of his awesome photography and film he has taken over the years show casing his wonderful work with some of the music Joe and I have written. That is in-between the in-between areas we are in-between of…   Good Lord…  Crazy I know, right!
You can see some of Peter’s photographic works here…  they are wonderful!   
And you can see and hear the first video demo of his film work and GorAcoustik music here-  Peter Skov & GorAcoustik   Enjoy!

United Progressive Fraternity
I’ve also written a track for United Progressive Fraternity called ‘Seeds for Life’ that will be released on the 'Planetary Overload 'Part 1: Loss’ album (mid 2018) The epic track will feature many artists Including Mark Trueack, Steve Uruh, Dan Mash, Steve Hackett, Nick Magnus, and many more. Plus I am in process of writing another brand new track for the  'Planetary Overload 'Part 2: Hope’ album (mid 2019) so stay tuned in…  
These albums will focus on the problems we are already beginning to encounter on a troubled planet and expected to face with increasing severity in the near future, and taking immediate positive action to mitigate those effects to ensure humanity’s survival.
You can find out more at United Progressive Fraternity 
Until next time,  Peace Love & Prog…   G

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