New Snakes & Angels Music for 2019...




Progtropolis Album Coming in 2020...






More music from CTP's upcoming album Hair On a G-String...   Part 4b

Featuring Colin Tench on guitars, Petri Lemmy Lindström on Bass, Jay T McGurrin on drums, and Gordo Bennett (GorMusik) Orchestra, with Peter Jones of Tiger Moth TalesCamel, and Phil Naro of Unified Past, DDrive, & Corvus Stone on vocals, not heard in this clip, but you will be amazed when you do hear them! And all the art, animation, and video work was done by the incredible artist Sonia Mota...    So stay tuned in to be in the know...    

GorMusik is now sharing a HUGE Musical Wave with Colin Tench of Corvus Stone on his new CTP album "Hair On A G-String"...    

The Brazilian Cometh, Stay Tuned!!!

                                                                                                                           GorMusik's Album Teaser... 


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GorMusik's 'Snakes & Angels' Album is gearing up for release...  Stay Tuned In!


Colin Tench Project

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