WOW! What A Great Year 2016 Has Been For GorMusik!!!

I'm ecstatic over the news of GorMusik Winning the Friday Night Progressive 2016 IndeProg Award For Composition For My 'Fun In OuterSpace Album'!!! I am truly honored and humbled, thank you all so much for your continued support!

Fun In OuterSpace Is ISKC Rock & Webradio Album Of The Week

Congrats, Gordo! You impressed us so much!

ISKC Rock & Webradio 

Album of the Week

As of February 15th on ISKC Rock Radio
GorMusik - Fun In OuterSpace

Gordo has been playing guitar for 45+ years. His musical influences include Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Alex Lifeson and Al DiMeola, all leading him into guitar synthesis. This current solo project Fun in OuterSpace was recorded using a synth guitar and covers a lot of musical genres ranging from Classical to Metal. All of Gordo's projects are produced, recorded and mastered at GorMusik Studios. I am currently working on several new projects to be released as they become available. I can be found on Face Book, Twitter, Reverbnation, Bandcamp, and on my website.

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GorMusik Made Angelo Hulshout's Top 10 Album List Of 2015

Found Here At BackGround MagazineThanks Angelo!

Angelo's Rock Orphanage Every Wednesday on ISKC Rock Radio


Angelo Hulshout

Album Top10:
  1: 3RDegree -
          Ones & Zeros Pt 1.
  2: Amadeus Awad -
          Death Is Just A Feeling
  3: Corvus Stone -
  4: Franck Carducci -
          Torn Apart
  5: Gekko Projekt -
          Reya Of Titan
  6: GorMusik -
          Fun in OuterSpace
  7: Murky Red -
          No Pokus Without Hokus
  8: Nemo -
  9: Seven Steps To The
      Green Door -
10: Transport Aerian -

Best DVD:

Best Concert:
Franck Carducci, 1-Feb-15,
   't Blok, Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel

GorMusik is...

Progressive Rock Symphonic Rock Progmetal Classical Space Tripping Jazz Fusion Cinematic Orchestral Melodic     Not In The Box     Expect The Unexpected



GorMusik's 'Snakes & Angels' Album is gearing up for release...  Stay Tuned In!


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